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The so-called strange metals are characterized by various anomalous properties, the most famous of which being a resistivity that remains linear down to the lowest temperatures. Such behavior is observed in several systems, starting historically from the cuprates and including the recent twisted bilayer graphene. It is important to understand how the strange-metal physics unrolls from the dc temperature axis to the ac frequency axis, a territory that can be explored using optical spectroscopy. In this Flat Club, I will review the basics of optical spectroscopy and some key aspects of strange metals. I will then discuss three recent preprints [1-3] that have reported optical measurements for various cuprates, and try to contrast the rather different interpretations that these these three works are proposing.

The slides of this Flat Club meeting can be downloaded here.

Please register at the doodle to make sure we have enough pizza before Thursday 29 September, 19:00.

[1] Kumar et al., arXiv:2204.10284
[2] van Heumen et al., arXiv:2205.00899 [PRB 106, 054515 (2022)]
[3] Michon et al., arXiv:2205.04030

Location: Stuckelberg, Ecole de Physique
Time: Friday 30 September 2022, 12:00 for pizza, 12:30 start discussion