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One of the most fascinating phenomena in two-dimensional quantum systems is the formation of topological order and the implied emergence of anyonic quasiparticles. Anyons have neither bosonic nor fermionic character, but their wave function can acquire an arbitrary phase under exchange, and they exist solely in two dimensions. Last year, two experimental papers demonstrated these exotic exchange statistics by interferometry measurements in the most prominent topologically ordered state, the fractional quantum Hall state at filling 1/3. In this Flat Club meeting, I will review the basics of fractional quantum Hall physics and topological order before focusing on one of the works to illustrate how the fractional statistics has been detected in the experiment.

You can download the slides of this presentation here.

Nakamura et al., Direct observation of anyonic braiding statistics, Nature Physics 16, 931 (2020)
Bartolomei et al., Fractional statistics in anyon collisions, Science 368, 173 (2020)

Location: Stueckelberg, Ecole de Physique
Time: Friday 3 December, 12:00 for pizza, 12:30 start discussion

Please register before Thursday 2 December, 19:00, for pizza on this doodle: