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From LAO/STO interfaces, monolayer FeSe, MoS$_2$, exfoliated graphene or cuprates: in recent years the ubiquity of two-dimensional superconductors has grown exponentially. At this first Flat Club meeting of the fall 2021, I will review the distinguishing features of ‘Flat’ superconductivity as opposed to bulk superconductivity. This includes the BKT transition, the effect of disorder, and the anisotropy in the critical field.

Slides can be downloaded here (PDF format).

Reference: The talk will be loosely based on the review Highly crystalline 2D superconductors, Saito, Nojima & Iwasa, Nat Rev Mater 2, 16094 (2017).

Location: Room 102, Science I
Time: Friday 29 October, 12:30 start discussion

This is the first post-pandemic Flat Club. We will not be serving pizza because of sanitary measures.

We also require, to enhance discussions, everyone to bring their covid certificate.