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In 2020 a publication in Nature announced the discovery of room-temperature superconductivity in a carbonaceous sulfur hydride. On 15 February 2022 the following statement was issued “The editors of Nature have been alerted to concerns regarding the manner in which the data in this paper have been processed and interpreted. Nature is working with the authors to investigate these concerns and establish what (if any) impact they will have on the paper’s results and conclusions. In the meantime, readers are advised to use caution when using results reported therein.” Subject of this Flat Club talk are the concerns that had been raised by Jorge E. Hirsch in collaboration with the presenter of this seminar.

The slides can be downloaded here (pdf). A video registration of the presentation can be found on the personal webpage of Dirk van der Marel.

Snider et al., Room-temperature superconductivity in a carbonaceous sulfur hydride, Nature 586, 373 (2020)
Van der Marel, Hirsch, Comment on Nature 586, 373 (2020) by E. Snider et al., arXiv:2201.07686 (2022)

Location: Stuckelberg, Ecole de Physique
Time: Friday 29 April 2022, 12:00 for pizza, 12:30 start discussion

As usual, we will provide pizza to share for lunch. Please register on this doodle before Thursday 28 April, 19:00, so we can order enough pizza!