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Electrolytes can be used to very effectively transfer the electrostatic potential from a metal electrode (gate) to the surface of a semiconductor, to realize ionically gated devices. Even though the technique is by now long established, its application to 2D materials over the last few years has resulted in new developments and discoveries. In my talk, I will introduce the basic concepts on which electrolyte gating is based and present some of the most recent developments. Depending on time, I will touch upon the development of ionic gate spectroscopy to measure band gaps of semiconductors, the observation of very large quantum capacitance effects, measurements to probe the density of states of ionic-gate induced superconducting accumulation layers, the introduction of new solid-state electrolyte for gating, and double ionic gated devices to control independently carrier density and perpendicular electric field.

Please register before Thursday 3 November, 19:00 for the pizza at this doodle.

Location: Stuckelberg, Ecole de Physique
Time: Friday 4 November 2022, 12:00 for pizza, 12:30 start discussion